T2 Medical Application

Pubblicato: 25 maggio 2020

T2 Medical Application
Tecna Leak Tester T2 is an equipment for leak test. This model is dedicated to the absolute pressure decay measurements in air.
T2 performs fast and reliable tests, to check the tightness and the possible obstructions of every type of component.

T2 is perfect for manual bench use, especially in enclosed spaces, thanks to its compact dimensions, touchscreen and very simple programming.

The component under test in this case is a medical disposable: infusion line.
The intent of the first test "LINE BLOCKAGE" is to detect any obstructions on the medical line, therefore the component is open in air and T2 checks the correct passage through it.
Then the operator closes the component to perform the second test "LINE LEAK" and check the tightness of the piece. 
Finally, by connecting a LEAK MASTER, which represents the typical leak rate of the component under test, the operator or the QC can check that T2 and whole testing circuit are working properly.


This testing solution is available now to improve your productivity and quality control! 

Our Software Managers, for T2 and the whole Tecna Marposs instruments range, are ready-to-use.

You can check and prove the quality of your processes, by leak testing, on day one! 

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