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Main features
Fast direct flow measurement
Suitable even for leak than flow test
Fullscale range and resolution customizable
PLC interface
RS232/485 serial lines

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DELTA F is an electro-pneumatic equipment designed to perform leak and flow test with the direct measurement of the flow.

The air pressure is regulated by a pressure regulator (manual or electronic with automatic control) and the instrument is able to measure the flow passage on the piece under test and the back pressure that is then generated. The automatic control of the output pressure is very important because ensures that the flow testing is always performed at the same operating conditions.

A bypass circuit provides a rapid filling phase of the product under test at the test pressure programmed, even on large volumes .
Furthermore, to easily compensate the pressure drop due to the passage of the air flow in the connecting pipe, the pressure transducer may be connected directly to the product under test with a separated connector.

Delta F models with low fullscale range of 50 cm3/min and resolution of 0.01 cm3/min, can also be used for leak testing with flow measurement with both
differential method than continuously.

Delta F can be handled manually, by a PLC or by a supervisory network with personal computer and can then be used on production lines in a fully automated way, in any industry.

Delta F can be programmed for custom test cycles upon request.

Common features are:

  • 16 programmable test parameters tables
  • Selectable pressure measurement units
  • Selectable flow measurement units
  • Selectable languages for display messages
  • Print out of customized test report (with external RS-232 printer)
  • RS422 serial line MODBUS protocol for PC supervisory system
  • Opto-isolated interface with PLC

This versatility, together with a high accuracy and reliability level and an user friendly control, makes it possible to use leak tester both in manufacturing departments and Quality Management Laboratories.


  • Air filter 
  • Leak Master certified leak with STAUBLI connector
  • Remote control
  • TL80 HMI to manage up to 12 instruments and SQL Server connection

Calibration service

Each instrument is delivered with a calibration certificate issued by the manufacturer.
The instruments must be verified and calibrated at specified time intervals with international or national calibration standards according to ISO9001 procedures.
TECNA offers to customers a periodical calibration service with skilled personnel and certified instruments.

This product is available in the following configurations:

Code Description Notes
DPF018 Range: 500 mbar (1Pa) - 200 l/min (0.01 l/min) Fast filling circuit
DPF018E Range: 500 mbar (1Pa) - 200 l/min (0.01 l/min) Fast filling circuit, electronic regulator
DPF019 Range: 2 bar - 100 l/min (0.001 l/min) Fast filling circuit
DPF021 Range: 2 bar - 20 l/min (0.001 l/min) Flow passage measurement
DFC002 Range: 20 mbar - 20 l/min (0.001 l/min)
DFC004 Range: 6 bar - 200 l/min (0.01 l/min) Fast filling circuit
DC0002 Range: 500 mbar - double flow sensor 1.500 l/min (0.01) + 20.0 l/min (0.1) - Reg. Elett
DC0003 Range: 500 mbar - 20 l/min (0.001 l/min) Flow passage measurement
DC0006 Range: 6 bar - 100 l/min Flow passage measurement
DC0007 Range: 2 bar - 20 cc/min Barcode reader and test sequence
DC0008 Range: 25 mbar - 100 l/min Flow passage measurement for gas

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