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Main features
Up to 4 adapters for bonding
Internal and external bonding
Rotating and vibrating system
Programmable bonding sequence
PLC interface for automation
RS485 communication interface

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DOSASET is a dispenser for cyclohexanone or similar solvents, used for manual bonding of plastic medical equipment, tubes and joints.
DOSASET does not use porous elements or capillary holes or fluid pumps: its adapters are directly dipped in the solvent, reducing the problems due to clogging or obstruction.
DOSASET employs a new patented method, based on a rotating and vibrating system: the dispensing adapters are mounted on the circumference of a wheel turning inside a chamber where the solvent level is continuously controlled.
The solvent is kept inside a sealed external 250 ml bottle and is automatically loaded trough a pneumatic micro-pump from the bottle to the dispensing chamber.

It can be assembled with a AST, equipment for pipe blowing.

Video demonstration


The dispensing wheel supports on its circumference the adapters for the tubes to be bonded.

The adapters are removable cartridges that can be replaced by the operator through the dispensing opening, without opening the dispenser body.

On the wheel circumference there are some holes that correspond to the available dispensing positions.

The cartridges are locked and stopped by an inner spring and/or with a screw.


The cartridges are made up of a cylinder cover with an entry hole suitable for the outer diameter of the tube to be inserted containing:

- a cylinder sponge, made in neutral silicone or white polyethylene with closed cells, of a diameter which is suitable for the tube to be inserted;

- a ring spacer;

- an end-of-travel stopping washer.

The dispensing length on the tube is pre-established assembling in the cartridge a spacer of a suitable length between the sponge cylinder and the end-of-travel stopper.

Maximum lenght: 10 mm.

Standard lenght: 4 – 6 – 8 -10 mm

Maximum available external diameter: 12.0 mm

Standard external diameters: 4.1 - 5.5 - 6.8 - 9.54 - 12.0 mm 

External diameters upon request: range 4.1 ÷ 12.0 mm 


The cartridges are made up of a cylinder containing a cylindrical pin with a diameter similar to the inner tube diameter.

The dispensing length is pre-established by the pin length.

Maximum lenght: 10 mm.

Standard internal available diameter: 3.0 mm

Internal diameters upon request: range 3.0 ÷ 8.0 mm 



The cartridge includes the sponge cylinder having a length upon choice and the male pin.

Standard internal diameter: 3.0 mm, lenght 8 mm   

Standard external diameter: 4.1 mm, lenght 4 mm




Dispensing wheel with 4 holes and two blind positions.

Each position can install adapters for a tube diameter up to 12.0 mm



The photocell recognizes the presence of the operator hand, in front of the window of bonding.

The photocell does not recognize the presence of the tube, but only of the hand.

At each bonding, the operator brings the tube in the dispensing position by using the hand:

• The operator inserts the tube in the dispensing cartridge up to the stop

• The hand fingers must be closed around the tube and the photocell does not recognize the hand presence.

• The operator opens his fingers until the photocell is covered and detects the hand presence.

• By sensing the presence of the hand, the dispenser starts the dispensing wheel vibration that lasts for about 0.5 seconds.

• The operator removes the tube and takes away the hand for assembly.

• As the dispenser does not detect the hand presence any more, it considers the dispensing operation as concluded, moves the dispensing wheel and presents the next position.



The fresh solvent is contained in a small bottle, made of polyethylene, with a graduated volume of 250 cc;

The bottle is tightly closed by a cap, that is made by a plug with a ring nut.

On the plug, two tubes are connected:

• an air input tube, on the left, connected to a small air pump, which is located inside the case of the dispenser;

• a solvent output tube, on the right, connected to the dispensing chamber.

The solvent tube continues inside the bottle down to the bottom; therefore, when the pump inputs air in the bottle through the entry tube, the solvent is automatically pushed upwards through the output tube and it is loaded into the dispensing chamber.

Options and Accessories

Customizable shape and size of adapters
Entry side for bonding from above
PLC interface 

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