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Fields of application


It involves everything related to the production of motor vehicles, and is one of the areas where quality and reliability in the tests are needed most. Typical tested products can be gearboxes, cylinder head valves, brake circuits, various tanks (washer, cooling, gasoline) and oil filters.



Starting from the classic stove, which is tested for leaks as well as for flow rate of any single "cooker", you go to the classic two-position valve, through various filters, rather than valves for boilers and tanks in general.  Low pressures and selective leak limits are typical of this sector.


It's about product used almost daily, we can think about coffee makers as well as washing machines and dishwashers, irons, pressure washers, and of course fridges. All the components that define the final product are usually tested. Even in this case, the pressures and leaks limits are to be set depending on the materials involved and the specific applications.  Refrigerators and coolers, characterized by very small leak limits in the order of grams / year, normally require testing with tracer gases (hydrogen, helium).


It is an area where is tested almost everything, and usually at 100%.  Moreover, destructive and functional tests are often performed.  The products range from "simple" disposable kits to complex equipment for dialysis or for assisted breathing.  Bags for liquids and bottles are common to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector where, in addition to the typical leak or flow tests, also volume and resistance (burst tests) are checked.  Finally it is quite common testing of sealed products (eg, single dose), which occurs in bell (interception) as well as under vacuum.


It is the most generic sector in which we can consider all those products that require processing such as molding, casting, welding, gluing or assembly that require a subsequent leak test.  Therefore fall within the mechanics sector also pneumatic or hydraulic products.  The materials involved are often cast iron, aluminum or iron alloys then typically rigid and resistant.  Tests are normally carried out at low to medium pressures (1-6 bar).

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