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  • The smallest leak tester for automated systems

    Leak tests up to 20 bar and in vacuum
    Resolution up to 0.1 Pa
    Reduction of the test time
    Easy to install and use
    RS485/USB and digital interface for PLC
    300 test tables
  • Leak tester with differential method

    Leak tests up to 30 bar and in vacuum
    Resolution 0.1 Pa
    100 test programs
    Electronic pressure regulator
    RS232/RS485, USB, Ethernet and digital I/O interface
    Real time SPC statistics
  • Instrument for leak tests with the direct measure of the leak flow rate

    Fast test
    Pressure measurement and regulation
    100 test programs with sequence mode
    RS232/RS485, USB, Ethernet and I/O digital interface
    Real time SPC statistics
  • Available for all the product range

    Test data collection and process statistical analysis
    Communication through USB, RS485, Ethernet on client server and ERP systems
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Latest News

Tecna is now part of the Marposs group
Tecna is now part of the Marposs group

We are pleased to announce that, starting from 20th October 2016, Tecna Ltd is part of the Marposs group.

Please, read the attached document for more information.


Thank you to everyone who attended Compamed Fair 2017 Düsseldorf, the participation we have found makes us proud of our work.


We would like to thank you for your participation at Medical Device event and also for your interest in our instruments. 

Our technical manager participated explaining how to include a management software and the assembly and test relevant data, in a functional and easy way. 

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