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  • Leak tester with differential method

    Leak tests up to 30 bar and in vacuum
    Resolution of 0.1 Pa
    7” colour LCD display with touchscreen
    300 test programs/300 test sequences
    Electronic pressure regulator
    Digital I/O interfaces for PLCs,
    RS232/RS485, USB, Ethernet
  • The smallest leak tester for automated systems

    Leak tests up to 20 bar and in vacuum
    Resolution up to 0.1 Pa
    Reduction of the test time
    Easy to install and use
    RS485/USB and digital interface for PLC
    300 test tables
  • Solvent Dispenser

    Up to 4 adapters for bonding
    Internal and external bonding
    Rotating and vibrating system
    Programmable bonding sequence
    PLC interface for automation
    RS485 communication interface
  • Available for all the product range

    Test data collection and process statistical analysis
    Communication through USB, RS485, Ethernet on client server and ERP systems
  • Pressure calibrator and Leak simulator

    Full scale pressure: 2/6/10 bar
    Full scale vacuum: -900 mbar
    Resolution: 1 Pa
    Full scale flow: 50/200/950cm3/min
    Resolution: 1cm3/h, 0.01cm3/min
    6 selectable pressure scales Full scale pressure: 2/6/10 bar

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Latest News

Tecna is now part of the Marposs group
Tecna is now part of the Marposs group

We are pleased to announce that, starting from 20th October 2016, Tecna Ltd is part of the Marposs group.

Please, read the attached document for more information.

MD&M 2020 - Anaheim,CA
MD&M 2020 - Anaheim,CA

From 11 to 13 February 2020 join us at MD&M Anaheim. 

Anaheim Convention Center – Anaheim, CA.  Booth - 1337


Tecna will be closed for Christmas holidays from 23rd December to 6th January included.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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