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The direct flow rate method with a "mass flow" sensor is more complex than the decay pressure one, but it's very effettive and flexible and it allows a sentitive reduction of the test time.

The piece is filled up at the test pressure, and then continuosly maintained, trough the flow sensor, at the test pressure for a settling phase. By consequence, at the end of the settling phase, the measured residual flow represents the leak of the tested piece.

This test method allows an absolute measure which is no more related to volume and to time and can be also used to test products that have to guarantee a predetermined flow rate as taps, discharge manifolds, cooktops and so on.

The leak rate is directly expressed in std cm3/min or cm3/h

The system accuracy is up to to 0.1 cm3/h.


  • the equipment are generally more complex and expensive compared to those with pressure decay.
  • the compressed air supply must be particularly stable and filtered;


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