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provaset t3pq leak test with direct flow measurement
Main features
Fast tests
Leakage measure with mass flow sensor
Pressure measurement and regulation
100 test programs with sequence mode
RS232/RS485,USB, Ethernet and digital I/O interfaces
Real time SPC statistics

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Provaset T3PQ is an electro-pneumatic instrument, designed for testing air tightness by direct measurement of air leakage. The touch interface, with a colour display and a real-time view of the tests makes the programming and the use simple and immediate.
The balanced pressure method allows to obtain measurements that are independent from the tested volume and it offers the best stability and precision. PROVASET T3PQ is suitable for all industrial segments, on testing benches, in production lines or in fully automated systems.
Finally, the control of external automations, the connection with barcode readers and printers and the possibility to record the tests on USB memories or via ethernet make it a complete and suitable instrument for the most modern production methods.

Options and Accessories

2 programmable pneumatic outputs for external commands (coupler/marker).
I/O expansion: adds digital PLC inputs/outputs (8+8) and a RS232/RS485 serial line.
Additional USB, Ethernet, ProfiBUS or CANbus interfaces for remote control and data collection.
Real time SPC statistical analysis graphs.
Software for managing label printer and barcode reader.


Air filters
Certificated Leak Master to be inserted in the Staubli® connector
Remote control keypad
3-colours indicator light with loud sound alert
External valves for a quicker filling phase

Customized programs for PC/HMI terminal

Software to collect and manage the data of the tests
Viewing and management of several testing stations.
Parameter programming and SPC analysis of test data.
Virtual Instrument for National Instruments LabViewTM available at request.

Calibration service

Each equipment is accompanied by a calibration report released by Tecna srl.
According to the requirements of ISO9001 standard, calibration must be verified at
specified intervals against national or international test masters.
Tecna srl, through its specialized personnel and certified instruments, offers a complete
scheduled calibration service.

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